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3-K & Pre-K foR all SUPPLY LIST 2022-2023
2022-2023 学年物品清单

In order to best prepare students for the new school year, please bring the supplies listed on September 8, 2022. 为了让学生更好地为新学年做准备,请在9月8日携带下列物品到校。

1. Spare sets of clothes x 2 (shirts, pants, underwear, and socks )


2. Velcro shoes x 2, one for daily use and one will be kept at school.

    2 双无鞋带的鞋子,一双平时上学穿,一双留在教室备用

3. 1 set of nap mat or blankets which can cover from head to toes (no            pillow!!!) 一套午睡用的被子 (请不要带枕头!!!)

4. One standard size school bag 一个标准尺寸的书包

5. One sippy water bottle 一个带吸管的水壶

6. One plastic red folder with pockets 一个带内袋的红色塑料文件夹

7. One plastic shoe box with cover 一个带盖子的塑料鞋盒

8. Baby wipes x 2 两盒婴儿湿巾

9. Clorox wipes x 2 两盒消毒清洁湿巾

10. Tissue boxes x 3 三盒盒装纸巾

11. Gallon ziploc bag x 2 两盒gallon大小密封袋

12. Quart ziploc bag x 2 两盒quart大小密封袋

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