Programs​  课程

"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
                                                        ——  纳尔逊·曼德拉
Froggy Class(6 weeks - 2 years)  / 小青蛙班 (6 周-2岁)

Our infant program guides your baby's early experiences toward a lifelong love of learning. The teachers spend lots of time cuddling and talking to the babies to install trust. They provide a healthy early learning environment for movement, exploration and communication. The first step classroom helps the children transition from fancy to toddlerhood as the budding explorers learn new vocabulary and self-help skills.



​Dolphin Class (2 years)/ 海豚班 & 企鹅班(2岁)

Within our 2-3 years old classroom, children get the opportunity to learn, play, and explore the different materials in each center, while meeting new friends and interacting with teachers. During our morning meetings, teachers provide a new theme each month, so children can learn and increase their vocabulary and social skills. With playtime, children can enjoy a center of their choice, playing with friends and teachers. 


​Bunny Class and Penguin Class-3K For All (3 years)  - 白兔班(3岁)


Our 3 year old children explore different educational activities in a nurturing way throughout our various centers. Each child learns new skills at their own pace such as learning shapes, colors, letters and numbers. Every month, children learn about different themes and it's incorporated with songs, poems and reading books.


​Butterfly Class -Pre-K  For All  (4 years) 蝴蝶班 

We offer Pre-K for All program in which children will be given the opportunity to explore and learn through hands on activities with a safe, loving and caring environment. Children learn to play together, share, take turns, and use problems solving skills in their daily lives. Our program gets children familiar with common concepts like letters , shapes, numbers, and colors. Children get ample opportunity to use their fine motor skills to strengthen their early literacy and writing skills. We follow units of study in which every month children learn through play on a given unit of study, such as all about me, our five sense, plants, and etc. This gives children the opportunity to explore and build higher level thinking skills. Teachers are coached by the Instructional Coordinator who works alongside teachers to implement effective lesson plans and a meaningful learning environment. 

我们提供免费的全天Pre-K 课程,孩子们可以通过的实践活动来学习更多的知识,他们会学习如何相处,分享,讲秩序和解决问题的方法。我们的课程会在文字,形状,数字,和色彩方面强化他们的学习,同时,孩子们也会在词汇和写作方面有明显的提高。我们每个月会有不同主题单元,比如“关于我”,“五种感官”,“植物”等等。这些知识的学习提供给孩子们更多的实践机会, 并有助于他们更好的建立独立的思维模式。我们的老师和助教会一起帮助孩子们进行更好,更有效的学习。