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About Us

Ready, Set, Grow! provides outstanding child care services for the multi-ethnic community of Flushing, Queens. Our establishment began as a family day care center in April of 2003. Through hard work, determination, and our devotion towards children and learning, we expanded into a full-time day care center in less than a year. Due to our success in education and the support from our community, we moved into a new and more spacious location in March 2011 for our children to thrive. Here, our children are enjoying a much wider range of experience in their learning.


Ready, Set, Grow! offers Infant, Toddler, 3K For All and PreK For All services for our community. Our curriculum has always provided children with experiences that stimulate their learning in all developmental areas---- social, emotional, physical, and intellectual. While there are high expectations for all children, we do not expect that all the children perform the same tasks and achieve the same skills as their peers. We distinguish each child that walks into our school as a unique individual, having their own pattern and time to grow and develop.


Our daily interactions and activities at Ready, Set, Grow! create encouragement towards children’s self-esteem and build positive feelings towards their learning. Our teachers provide an environment where the children learn through active hands-on exploration and interaction with adults, their peers, and materials within their classroom. Teachers are encouraged to ask many open-ended questions to the children throughout the day.






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